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Pages: 201
Publisher: VSP
Year: 1998

Global Eduction Tectonics of the Expanding Earth (Buy Now)
KeyWords: expanding earth

Yury V. Chudinov
This book is a new approach in the development of global tectonics. It deals with a new variant of the Earth's expansion concept: the model of 'eduction', i.e. of lifting up the mantel material onto the Earth's surface in the active margins of oceans and non-closed character of the mantle currents. The author developed a thorough and comprehensive scientific scenario of tectonic evolution of the Earth using the idea of its radius increase. The most significant and interesting part of the book is a critical analysis of the history of development of plate tectonics. Another remarkable part of the book is the explanation of existing seismicity --- its specific and geographical distribution from the point of view of tectonic evolution of the lithosphere. This book should serve as a trigger for a critical review of contemporary tectonic concepts.