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Pages: 440
Publisher: H. E. Retic Co. / AuthorHouse
Year: 1997/2001
ISBN: 978-1588202352
ISBN: 1588202356

The Einstein Hoax: The Disastrous Intellectual War on Common Sense (Buy Now)
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Ernest C. Wittke

Much of this book was written a long time ago when the author first became aware of the concepts of Special and General Relativity. At the time he assumed that the subject was well thought out and understood by people more knowledgeable and probably more intelligent than himself. His goal was to learn from them and to understand the phenomena that was being described. He could not, however, accept the prevalent idea that the workings of Nature were beyond the ability of mere mortals to understand at the 'common sense' level. As he studied the subject, he learned that this dictum was an intellectual 'con game' by men who were acting in the manner of a priesthood defending the 'true faith' rather than scientists and who, when challenged on points which a bright physics or engineering student would easily understand, showed a rather limited ability to reason and covered their limitations by asserting that it was the challenger's limitations which prevented understanding.

The dictum is not true, the mechanisms by which Nature operates are, for the most part, easily understood by reasonably bright (and interested) high school students, and the necessary mathematics and arguments to evaluate their validity of the are within knowledge of sophomore students of engineering and/or physics.(A knowledge of Integral Calculus, Elementary Physics, and Dimensional Analysis is all that is required for reader to check the material presented for himself.) It is the purpose of this book to make these mechanisms understandable to the general reader. This book contains three sections. The main section, 'The Einstein Hoax', starts with a description of the early history of Special and General Relativity and proceeds to show that the earlier published Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory is, except for philosophical interpretation, identical to Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and, in fact is a special case solution of that theory. As such, the Aether Theory must be a valid option if Special Relativity is to be considered valid. The Aether Theory, however, is easily understood in terms of 'common sense' while an examination of the conclusions of Special Relativity yield logical absurdities which no rational mind should be willing to accept.

But, fair is fair, the proof of a theory or its interpretation is, and should be, in the experimental evidence. Fortunately, experiments in the field of Quantum Physics have demonstrated that photons emitted as pairs are coupled by their 'quantum numbers' (in this case their direction of polarization) and changing the plane of polarization of one of the photons changes the plane of polarization of the other. The interesting conclusion of these experiments is that the velocity of that coupling is at least four times the velocity of light and may even be infinite. A minor modification of the experimental setup would allow the effect to be used to determine the absolute velocity of the laboratory through space to an accuracy of better than 400 miles per second. Since the interpretation associated with Special Relativity cannot tolerate the idea of an absolute velocity, we must revert to the Lorentz Transformation-Aether Theory because Dr. Einstein's interpretation of Space-Time falls on its face.

General Relativity is based upon the Principles of Relativity and of Equivalence, but a glance at its conclusions (the gravitational equivalents of the Lorentz Transformations for Velocity effects), shows that it erroneously yields results inconsistent with those principles. It yields a gravitational transformation for time which is not multiplicatively commutative (the property which allows Special Relativity to work) and yields a transformation for length of unity (the equivalent Lorentz Transformation for Length is the reciprocal of the Lorentz Transformation for Time). These deficiencies, which resulted from an error in mathematics which would not be tolerated if made by a freshman studying Calculus, led Dr. Einstein on a merry chase for about 18 months until he adapted the incomplete geometry of Riemann and concluded that space was curved. Unfortunately the resultant theory was relativistic and yielded results which appeared to work because the Sun's gravitational field is so weak (about a million times weaker than the field around a neutron star) and Relativistic Science was off and running, foolishly bringing us 'Black Holes', 'Singularities', 'Wormholes', etc. At the same time, while claiming to explain gravitation, General Relativity failed to explain the most significant gravitational effect, the source of gravitational energy and the force which holds you to your chair.

When one applies a few 'thought experiments' using readily tested and understood principles to the phenomena of gravitation, it is easy to derive gravitational transformations which actually are consistent with the Principles of Equivalence and Relativity. The result is surprisingly rich, a simple application (done after they had been derived and not before) of these transformations reveals the source of gravitational energy and its consistency with the absolute validity of the Law of Conservation of Energy in terms consistent with 'flat space', the reason why gravitational collapse is limited, and the inevitability of a Universe similar to our own being created within every object which approaches the 'black hole' radius. From inside of that object, it would appear, late in its history, to be an almost empty Universe expanding from a single point which 'inflated' into existence. (The author was completely surprised by these results.)

For those who wish to dig deeper, the author rigorously derived the nature of the gravitational field in the appendix 'Gravity' (copyrighted 1987). Unlike the 'The Einstein Hoax', it does not require the reader to take the author's word for anything. Every step is clearly spelled out both in words and in simple equations so that the reader can verify the conclusions for himself. Also included is a second appendix entitled 'Corrections to Residual Errors in Special Relativity'. This appendix derives the Lorentz Transformation for Transverse Force correctly, defines mass correctly so that Special Relativity can be used for accelerated reference frames, shows the location of kinetic energy, in so doing, reveals the nature of inertial mass.

I hope that you will read this book with an open mind and judge for yourself the validity of the conclusions. I do promise that it is closer to reality than current concepts and, if any reader can find a significant flaw, it will either be corrected or the book will be withdrawn. It is time to end the 'Einstein Hoax'.


  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Background
  3. The Nature of the Einstein Hoax
  4. Does the Aether Exist?
  5. The Resurrection of Absolute Velocity By Quantum Experiments
  6. The Nature of Reality
  7. Applying the Lorentz Transformations Properly
  8. Generating the Gravity Transformations
  9. Dr. Einstein's Error and the Introduction of Curved Space
  10. Gravitational Contraction and Collapse
  11. Gravitational Collapse and the Creation of a Universe
  12. The Space Time Continuum
  13. The Nature of Particles
  14. Adding the Quantum Effects to Our Understanding
  15. Changing the Paradigms
  16. What Can We Conclude