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Year: 2001/2003
ISBN: 0473066785

The Transistor Enigma and Adams Early Days of Wireless (Buy Now)
KeyWords: T. Henry Moray
  • Electrical Engineer, Inventor
    (Aether, New Energy, Biophysics, Wilhelm Reich)

    Dr. Robert George Adams

    • Doctor of Science (Hon).
    • The Ancient Royal Assyrian Order of Merit.
    • Founder of the New Zealand Section of the Institute of Electracial and Electronic Engineers Inc., New York (IEEE) 29.5.1968
    • Elected Chairman of Region 10, N.Z.I.E.E.E. (1969 and 1970).
    • Elected Fellow of the New Zealand Electronics Institute 1969.
    • Mumber of Auckland Institute and Museum.
    • Member of The Scientific and Medical Network, U.K.
    • Member of New Zealand Electrical Institute Inc.
    • Member of Royal Society of New Zealand.
    • 1969 - Invented the Adams Switched Reluctance Motor Generator
    • 1975 - Discoverer of the Impulse method of charging batteries
    • 1993 - Discovered a procedure to engineer magnetic polarity reversal
    • 1995 - Invented the Adams Super Power Four Pole Permanent Magnet
    • 1996 - Invented the Mark 024 Thermo Switched Reluctance Motor which resulted in the discovery of anomalous unforseen massive heat energy in addition to electric power generation

    Current and Immediate Past Position

    Involved in research and development of the Adams Super Power Thermo Impulse Salient Pole Open Magnetic Circuit Reluctance Electric Motor/Generator which incorporates the development of the science and technology involved in the hornessing of aether energy via electromagnetics.

    Other Interests and Research:

    Seismology and alternative medicine, together with Dr Wilhelm Reich\'s and Dr Ruth Drown\'s biophysics.

    Interests and Concerns

    Surround the imperative requisite that mankind cease and desist confounding the balance of his planets\' ecology and focus with urgency upon the sources of clean energy which surrounds him at all times and is free for the taking. Pollution is now unnecessary, as is the wanton destruction of rain forests, waterways and our oceans. Concentration on the pollution of the human body and a reversal to natural medicine accompanied by a sane diet might perhaps be the best first step.

          The Robert Adams Foundation Charitable Trust,
          91 Domain Road,
          Bay of Plenty,
          New Zealand