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Year: 2001/2003
ISBN: 0473066785

The Transistor Enigma and Adams Early Days of Wireless (Buy Now)
KeyWords: T. Henry Moray

Robert G. Adams

Dr. Robert Adams of New Zealand tells all in this intriguing narrative as to who was the original inventor of this device. Adams settles this dilemma for all time in 2001.

Important papers written by a world authority in matters pertaining to Aetheric Energies is included to assist readers not conversant with this important knowledge of factors which explain the Aether and the vital role it plays in crystallography, this author was Ralph Stranger of the United Kingdom, official writer for the B.B.C's World Radio technical Journal of the 20's and 30's (These particular papers were written in 1932). Most of the papers published in this Second Edition are of significance to those who may question the historical truths surrounding the mighty transistor. Much mystery, speculation, intrigue and outright sleaze comes into play as we journey throug the corridors of its birth and subsequent biography. Who, on planet Earth, was it's real inventor and why has it's past become so bogged down in such a veil of ignominy?