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Pages: 306
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0773460640
ISBN: 978-0773460645

Immediate Distant Action and Correlation in Modern Physics: The Balanced Universe (Buy Now)

Vivian Pope
Anthony D. Osborne

This book advances and extends the debate on unmediated instantaneous action and correlation at a distance. It is a coherent collection of contributions, by an international group of science scholars, resulting from a series of workshops held at the University of Wales, Swansea, in 2001 and 2002. The editors of this book share a common view that action or correlation at a distance is simply a fact of nature. From that starting point, it offers a number of different arguments, analyses and theoretical perspectives. The book does not represent the end of the debate, but rather a beginning, which could lead to a new physics and a more accurate view of nature.


  1. Introduction 1
  2. What the Swansea Workshop Was About 5
  3. A Reiteration of Aims and Objectives (Viv Pope) 21
  4. Towards a Consensus (Anthony Osborne) 27
  5. A Tale of Two Paradigms (Viv Pope) 71
  6. The Evidence and Consequences of Newtonian Instantaneous Forces (Neal and Peter Graneau) 121
  7. A Perspective on Mach\'s Principle and the Consequent Discovery of Major New Phenomenology in Spiral Discs (David Roscoe) 169
  8. A Short Essay on Closed Systems, Hierarchy and Radiation (George Galeczki) 185
  9. The Pope-Osborne Angular Momentum Synthesis (Anthony Osborne) 199
  10. How to Get Something From Nothing (Peter Rowlands) 241
  11. Futher Developments 271
  12. General Conclusion 285