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Pages: 460
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9812569618
ISBN: 978-9812569615

The Power of (Alpha): Electron Elementary Particle Generation With (Alpha)-Quantized Lifetimes and Mass (Buy Now)

Malcolm H. MacGregor

This book is centered on the most pressing unsolved problem in elementary particle physics: the mass generation of particles. It contains physics that is not included in the Standard Model as it is now formulated, while at the same time being in conformity with the major results of the Standard Model, i.e. isotopic spins and interactions. It differs from the Standard Model in the treatment of masses and pseudoscalar mesons, and in the role assigned to the coupling constant . Presented in a careful and phenomenological way, the material can easily be followed by all physicists, both experimental and theoretical, and also by interested workers in other fields. The author's website 70mev.org gives additional information about the applications of the constant (alpha) in particle physics.