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Pages: 1183
Publisher: Ekkehard Friebe & Jocelyne Lopez
Year: 2004/2009

Ueber die Absolute Groesse der Speziellen Relativitaetheorie
KeyWords: Special Relativity

G. O. Mueller
Ekkehard Friebe
Jocelyne Lopez
Description of a German research project of international scope, presenting a documentation of 3789 publications criticizing the theory (1908-2003), distributing this documentation to libraries, to the printed media, and to eminent representatives of public opinion, and addressing open letters to the members of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag), and to journals of several German newspapers.

Without a doubt the most comprehensive compilation of source material on criticisms of the theory of special relativity, this book is a monument to the dissident heritage of the last 100 years.  Anyone who only causually peruses this book cannot deny that thousands of individuals have challenged Einstein\'s theories, and that no period of time since 1905 has been without the voice of dissidence. A veritable mountain of largely-ignored work has accumulated over the past century, ready to speak to anyone willing to listen. This book, written under the pseudonym G. O. Mueller, serves as a mouthpiece for that voice.

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