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Pages: 274
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Year: 2008

Maverick's Earth and Universe (Buy Now)

J. Marvin Herndon

J. Marvin Herndon's view of Earth, its internal composition, energy sources, origin, and behavior, makes sense in a logical and causally related manner. His presentation is unlike the textbook picture that is based upon deep-rooted blunders, uncorrected by consensus-only, reviewed-in-secret, government-funded, establishment scientists.

Maverick's Earth and Universe begins at the foundations of knowledge and progresses step-by-step so that the reader can understand, not simply believe. The author reveals the way science should work, including a methodology more fundamental than the so-called scientific method, and describes techniques to use for making discoveries, which are not found in any textbook.

Maverick's Earth and Universe discloses the decades-old major blunder that underlies astrophysics, and points to a wholly different way to envision the Universe.