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Pages: 474
Publisher: Hadronic Press
Year: 1995
ISBN: 091176772X
ISBN: 978-0911767728

Advances in Fundamental Physics (Buy Now)

Michele Barone
Franco Selleri

Proceedings of an International Conference held 1994 in Olympia, Greece



  • Michele Barone, The Underwater Neutrino Telescopes  1
  • Jenner Barretto Bastos-Filho & R. M. X. de Araujo, Dimensional Analysis and Fundamental Physical Constants in N-Dimensional Spaces for Real N  11
  • G. F. Sanger, On Mechanisms of Ambiguity and Adaptation in Nature and Their Dimensions  23
  • Ruggero Maria Santilli, An Introduction to Hadronic Mechanics  69


  • Roland H. Dishington, Cause and Effect in Special Relativity  187
  • Joseph Levy, Is the Invariance of the Speed of Light Compatible with Quantum Mechanics?  Some New Arguments  203
  • Constantin I. Mocanu, Hertzian Extension of Einstein Special Relativity to Non-Uniform Motions  217
  • A. Panaitescu, On the Electromagnetic State Quantities in Electrodynamics of Moving Media  241
  • A. Paparodopoulos, The Law of Universla Gravitation in a G Variant Universe  265
  • Simon J. Prokhovnik, The Nature of Friedmann Universes  277
  • Horst E. Wilhelm, Physical Foundations of Galilei Covariant Electrodynamics  283


  • A. Afriat, Correlations Involving Several Subsystems 2999
  • Co. Antonopoulos, On Measurements with Contradictory Results; Tracing the Roots of the Original Wholeness  313
  • A. K. Aringazin, K. M. Aringazin, A. Baskoutas, G. Brodimas, A. Jannusis & E. Vlachos, q-Deformed Harmonic Oscillator in Phase Space  329
  • M. Damjanonvic & Z. Maric, Relativistic Dynamics and Space-Time Structure of Few-Body Processes  349
  • J. Foadi, A Geometrical Approach to Bell Inequalities  357
  • L. C. B. Ryff, Some Reflections and Conjectures on E.P.R. Correlations and Realism  369
  • Franco Selleri, Complementarity vs. Causality in Space and Time  381
  • James Paul Wesley, Light Radiates as Stochastic Bursts of Photons  399


  • V. P. Ivankin, On the Origin and Development of the Solar System  409
  • Martin Kokus, Red-Shift Quantization and the Fractal Geometry of the Universe  425
  • H. G. Owen, Speculations on the Physical State of the Earth\'s Inner Core  429
  • Giovanni Scalera, Relocation of Paleopoles on Variable Radius Earth Models  463