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Pages: 704
Publisher: EFO Budapest
Year: 1998
ISBN: 9638243198

The Electric Universe (Buy Now)

L?szl? K?rtvely?ssy

The author Dr. L?szl? K?rtv?lyessy, a specialist in thermocouples with a world wide well known reputation, takes a look at the modern Astrophysics from the engineerings point of view. Alway prefering easy and direkt solutions in the industry, Dr. K?rtv?lyessy discovered that the Universe contains many unsolved \"mystries\" for which scientists create things like \"dark matter\" or \"magnetic generators\". Simple calculations reveal that there is a very simple solution which unlocks almost all modern mysteries...

Karry Mullis (Nobel laureated in 1993) wrote:
\" I am absolutely fascinated. It is high time that someone with engineering skills looked at astronomy. You have clearly found something exciting.  I was never comfortable with astrophysics, but for some dumb reason did not understand that it was the electrical aspect of matter that was missing.  I have been away from physics, in another field for a number of years, but I know new intuitions in any scientific realm when I see them, and I see them in your work. Relax in the notion that someone a continent away is taking great pleasure in your work.\"