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Pages: 201
Publisher: F. Muller
Year: 1977
ISBN: 0584101481
ISBN: 978-0584101485

The Wave and Ballistic Theories of Light: A Critical Review (Buy Now)

Richard A. Waldron
Waldron developed a ballistic theory of light on his own before learning that Walter Ritz had already done it at about the time that A. Einstein developed his 'Special Relativity'. Waldron shows with mathematical accuracy and in excruciating detail, one by one, that all the so called proofs of Einsteinian relativity (approx. 20) aren't proof at all but that the experimental and observational results can be just as well explained with the more pedestrian Ritzian relativity. Unfortunately the books writing style is extremely dry and the backreferencing to figures and what was said earlier is hard to follow (References are to sections, but the pages have no section headers). But he is so detailed and conscientous in his proofs, that its a book worth having for any 'dissenter' regarding Einsteinian Relativity, special or general. Quasi a 'dissenters' bible'. I finally decided to get my hands on the book after seeing it being quoted in many 'dissenter' articles. - Walter G. Hecker, Amazon