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Pages: 57
Publisher: Carroll Research Institute
Year: 1986
ISBN: B00072NOG8

Simple Solutions to Impossible Problems (Buy Now)

Robert L. Carroll

In the past there has been no approach to the study of prime numbers other than that provided by the Seive of Eratosthanes. The process is that pf sifting out composite numbers to leave the primes. Then we may sya that the process yields primes by default.

The present treatise is concerned with the development of algebraic forms from which prime numbers can be developed. Solutions to all the unsolved problems concerning primes are presented. These include the problem of twin primes, sums and differences of primes, and algebraic forms yielding primes.

Also included are solutions to Fermat\'s Last Theorem, and the Four Color Problem. The basic philosophy is that of showing how easy these unsolved problems can be in actuality. The first two chapters then serve to instill confidence that there are no difficult problems in mathematics. The student must overcome prejudice to the effect that mathematics is difficult before he can relax and enjoy the subject. It is hoped that the present work will give the student as much enjoyment in the reading of it as the author derived in the process of writing.


  1. Fermat\'s Last Theorem 1
  2. The Four Color Problem 9
  3. Twin Primes 17
  4. The Sum of Odd Primes 25
  5. Problems Involving Primes 35
  6. The Distribution of Primes 45