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Pages: 128
Publisher: Primary Nuclear Research
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0963857223
ISBN: 978-0963857224

The Theory of Unity (Buy Now)

David E. Pressler
THE THEORY OF UNITY is a breakthrough that obsoletes most physics books of today.  Physics is complete!! Quantum physics is no more! The real theory of relativity is presented in detail that is easily understood by the intelligent layman or high school student.  The enigma of mass, distance, space & time are explained.  The concept of particles & waves is also described in detail.  A chart of 90 of the most important particles resonances to seven decimals is included.  The unified field theory, long sought by scientists, which unifies the four forces: gravity, electromagnetic, the string & weak forces is simply defined.  C-space, a 3-dimensional condensation of space-time.  Action at a distance is now a field effect rather than a particle exchange.  THE THEORY OF UNITY tells how the atom works without quantum physics principle & the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.  The new Cosmology "proves" a non-expanding universe.  There is no big bang!  There are no black holes!  There are no gravity waves!  Philosophical, religious, & social implications are discussed.  The author states: "I cannot read the mind of God, but I can see his footprints."