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Pages: 269
Publisher: Krasnodar
Year: 1995

On the Way to the Physics of the XXI Century

Philipp M. Kanarev
Robert J. Hannon
Translated from Russian by B.N. Soulimovsky (RUSSIA). Edited by Robert J. Hannon (U.S.A.). Reviewed by V.G. Dyomin, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (Moscow State University).

The author shows that perversions in understanding the unity of space, matter, and time are the main reason for stagnation of the theoretical physics of XX century, and it has led to the loss of causal and consequential relationships as well as to the theoretical delusions pronounced by relativity theory. The unity of space, matter, and time turns out to be the axiom which is realized in the intrinsic relationship between the movement of anything with the passage of time. Within the context of this axiom all basic relationships quantum mechanics are deduced from laws of classical physics.

The electromagnetic structures of photons and electrons revealed by the advent of the analytical theory of spectroscopy which postulates prerequisites for the structures of atomic and ionic models based on analysis of their spectra. A great number of consequences arise from a new interpretation of well-known physical facts.

This book is intended for research workers and specialists interested in the fundamental problems involved in our efforts to understand the universe.