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Pages: 8
Publisher: Phi Philosophical Enterprises
Year: 1975
ISBN: 0950379018
ISBN: 978-0950379012
ISBN: 095037900X
ISBN: 978-0950379005

Philosophy: An Outline of the Discipline and its Sub-Disciplines (Buy Now)

Vivian Pope

Providing the insight of a dissident scientist on the larger questions of life, this booklet examines the meaning of philosophy, as opposed to technology, and provides an outline of its role in morals, politics, science, and logic.  Rather than \"sheer, dispassionate, rational contemplation\", Vivian Pope argues that philosophy \"involves evaluation,... the wise selection of... information\" for the \"ultimate or long-term welfare of mankind, both as an individual and as a whole - which man... must secure for himself by proper exercise of his distinguishing natural faculty, reason.\"