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Pages: 288
Publisher: Sourcebook Project
Year: 1986
ISBN: 0915554208
ISBN: 978-0915554201

The Sun and Solar System Debris: A Catalog of Astronomical Anomalies (Buy Now)

William R. Corliss
  • Our sun, powerhouse of the Solar System and an enigma itself, is orbited by clouds of asteroids, comets, meteors and space dust These "minor objects" cause "major headaches" to astronomers searching for explanations.
  • Typical subjects covered:
    Solar svstem resonances * Bode's Law and other regularities * Blackness of comet nuclei * Cometary activity far from solar influences * Unidentified objects crossing sun * The 'missing' solar neutrinos * Pendulum phenomena during solar eclipses * Observations of Planet X * Meteorite geographical anomalies * Meteorites from the moon * Long fireball processions * Very long duration meteorites * Zodiacal light brightness changes * [Picture caption: One of the many possible modes of solar surface oscillation]
  • Comments from reviews: "It is an unusual book, nicely executed, and I recommend it highly", Icarus.