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Galilean Inertia Model

Massimo Odasso

The Galilean relativism of any inertial reference frame causes an unacceptable deprivation of the essence of Energy. To correct this, a natural Absolute Privileged Reference System (frame) is supposed to permeated the universe but without being the solely authorized to host the isotropic propagation of light. A corrective coefficient (into Galilean time transform equation) accounts to regulate the proper time dilatation of particles in absolute motion with respect it. This is enough to restore the absolute essence of Energy, it explains the proved retardation of moving clocks and also the mysterious quantized cosmological phenomena intrinsic red shift in terms of linear progression of quantized absolute velocities. MM Sagnac experiment and outcomes are interpreted by use of this Inertial Galilean model and by the introduction of an innovative Local Ether Theory that holds for any kind of emitted particles from aka to macromolecules.

XX century closed leaving the fundamental Physics community with some uncomfortable heredity due to known major incompatibilities between sub atomic and macroscopic theories. It was from one decade or something more that some scientists had started a review of the Relativity Theory fundamentals. Several ambiguities were newly unburied after their too hurry omission happened at the time this theory was worldwide accepted. So revenged Ether theories were just been proposed at the new millennium turn around. This tendency still progressed until actual years.

The present New Galilean Age is an attempt to further proceed in this direction but in the mean while avoiding the classic Ether concept that is definitively disrupted by the evidences provided by Michelson Morley class of experiments. A new Ether distributed concept is proposed with the Local Ether Theory that is able to council both MM and Sagnac type experiments. A simple modeling of mentioned local effects is proposed and is extended well beyond the photons domain because an Adapted Galilean Principle of velocity addition (adapted to treat local masses influence on emitted particle) is adopted due to a nice unification of qualitative treatment of all the emitted particles. It applies exactly in the same way from photons to macro molecules, a simple model to account for this is proposed.

By the way a sneaky ambiguity is already hidden behind Adapted Galilean principle applied in a classic Galilean context. It regards physical work provided or released by the surrounding masses to build the anisotropic velocity component of an emitted particle that remains a questionable subject because it changes with the selected inertial detecting system choice. A new Galilean model introduction solves this ambiguity. It is the Inertial Galilean (IG) model that is necessary to take into account the well experimentally proved retardation of moving clocks avoiding to use Relativity Theory with all its known stuff of paradoxes linked to relativity of simultaneity concept.  This is achieved by restoring the classic view of Absolute Simultaneity of two events if seen by any different observers in relative motion (simultaneity for one observer means simultaneity for all the others).   IG model is also open to account for any kind of signal speeds higher than the light one without incur into imaginary solutions. 

The IG model is based on the supposed existence of a natural Absolute Privileged Reference System (frame). The Privileged System constitutes the intimate universe structure that is assembled without (known) boundaries. The density of such structure is negligible if compared with the one hold by known matter. Anyway its homogeneous (low) energy distribution defines the absolute rest status of the universe and marks the true cosmologic time. Also its point of view becomes the solely authorized to interpreter the non relativistic essence of a particle Energy (nevertheless it is the Compton or the kinetic one). The only difference between IG model and the classic Galilean model consists in a corrective coefficient in place of the simple Galilean transformation (identity) of the time.  This factor is (base e) exponential with the velocity module of the moving clock in order to ?freeze? the moving time (moving with respect Privileged System) only for infinite velocity.  In doing so, speed of light does not establish anymore a limit to other possible higher velocities.  Speed of light in the Privileged System remains only the velocity of photons with respect Privileged system. No more of this.  A particular ?k? factor (inserted into the exponential coefficient) accounts to match Inertial ? Galilean model to experimentally proved life elongation of muons circulating into accelerator ring. Note that the exponential law that connects Privileged System time with a moving object proper time has been selected due to its suitable monotonic rate necessary to withstand with the Galilean concept that there is no limit to absolute velocity, any increment of absolute velocity must contribute in freezing the moving time no matter its current module value already is, and there is no reason to foresee some ?privileged? absolute velocity milestone (like light velocity or others) that imposes an increase in time dilation rate when an object absolute velocity approximates to it. This last not acceptable case would introduce a flex disrupting the monotonic trend of time dilation in function of absolute velocity. For sure when further experiments, able to (directly and closely) monitor the relation between a generic particle velocity and its proper time dilation, will be performed then other interpolation points will be available. This could eventually invalidate actual use of the simple exponential law and a new relation will replace it. Even a not mathematically closed function. The author expects, whatever will be the eventual new relation able to fit all the future experimental data, the mentioned monotonic trend will be confirmed. This is due to the belief that New Galilean paradigm is the right one to rule the laws of macroscopic Physics and in this case the monotonic trend (from zero velocity to infinite velocity) is a necessity as just exposed. Moreover only a monotonic time dilation ? absolute velocity relation is able to confirm the perfect interpretation of cosmological objects intrinsic red shift exponentially sequenced quantization in terms of a linear progression of quantized absolute velocities owned by the same cosmic objects (they are the famous intrinsic high red shift Quasar couples whose observations are reported in H.Arp ?Seeing Red?). This leads to a cosmological paradigm of galaxies that are linearly approaching to a rest status with respect Privileged System. Interesting considerations on the quantum mechanisms that are likely at the base of this behavior are presented. The key idea is that mass itself depends by its proper time dilatation (as seen by Privileged System, because in motion with respect it as by IG model law). But proper time dilatation corresponds to atomic proper frequencies slowing down. This means in turn atomic energetic levels resizing. Lastly, through Maxwell famous law E=mc^2 obtained by the scientist in second half of XIX century by use of his homonymous electromagnetic equations to compute the wave pressure exercised on an absorbing body and getting in this way the transferred momentum from the wave, this implies a mass dependence by proper time. So mass becomes lighter the quicker is its speed with respect Privileged System due to a non kinematic process that rules quantum interactions between running matter absolute velocity variation and Privileged System intimate structure. A low cosmological acceleration (so negligible that cannot be detected by any apparatus), is most likely responsible of a progressive running matter absolute velocity slowing down till the reaching of a rest status with Privileged System. This is in turn ruled by Quantum interactions acting between running matter and the same Privileged System intimate structure. This is the kinematic process. Both processes happen because Privileged System owns the previously mentioned homogeneously distributed very low energy density that can be exchanged with traveling mass through the said kinematic and not kinematic processes.