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Pages: 96
Year: 2011
ISBN: 0984677801
ISBN: 978-0984677801

Dialectical Materialism vs. The New Physics (Buy Now)
KeyWords: relativity,hawkings

Mike A Gimbel
This book is a response to the myths created by an idealistic theory called \"Relativity\". Physics and cosmology has been in a disastrous crisis for almost a century. Mathematics is not physics, yet it is treated as such. The fourth dimension exists only in mathematical equations, not in reality. Black holes do not exist. Space is not curved. There is no fundamental \"God particle\" from which all matter is built. Objects do not carry their own time. Above all, consciousness does not determine reality. That is the old metaphysics masquerading as science. In addition, this book is a Marxist answer to Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku\'s psuedo-scientific creationist theories. Here is the endorsement by Glenn Borchardt, Ph.D, author of \"The Scientific Worldview\" and Director of the Progressive Science Institute: \"I want to congratulate you on the excellent piece of work! I definitely like your critique of Hawking and Kaku. It puts these jokers in their place. A great job! You have done so much that is needed to expose the BS that goes for physics and cosmology today.\"