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The New Scientic Revolution - The Real Foundations of Physics (that they won't tell you about)

Michael Jefferson Lawrence
The Physical Foundations

It took many years to arrive at the result that this book explores. But the main guiding principles were quite simple,
although they themselves only emerged gradually. The guiding principles are; 

1) Everything we experience is made up of a single sort of base particle (existing as particle and anti-particle, with opposite properties) even though in
most instances such particle pairs overlap and appear to distant observers not to be there;

2) For each property that a particle has, it has a different property that is of opposite sort (there are only two base sorts of property but their
motions and interactions make it appear that there are more); 

3) Base particles chase their opposite type and form a structure like a necklace (these necklaces include what we call our building blocks - the quarks and leptons); 

4) All necklaces obey the equality of properties in guideline 2 above; 

5) Energy is a vector property; and 

6) For each form of energy there are two distances from a necklace at which the influence of the properties of the necklace change, one
due to the physical size of the necklace and one due to the size of the relevant energy which the necklace has.

With these six guidelines, it possible to recreate all the structures and interactions known to the world of physics.

This is what the book explains.

Relativity and quantum mechanics combined.
New Planck units in two separate sets
Elimination of the gravitational constant G
Dark matter explained
Zero point energy explained
Superposition explained.
Entanglement explained.
Many paradoxes explained.
quark and leptons structure explained.

But not yet the lepton anomalous magnetic moments