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Pages: 160
Publisher: Integrity Research Instititue
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0964107090
ISBN: 978-0964107090

Electrogravitics II: Validating Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology (Buy Now)
KeyWords: gravity

Thomas F. Valone
A companion volume to "Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology," this book delivers (1) the scientific validation from three different authorities; (2) the compelling public history of gravity research conducted by the aviation industry before it became 'unacknowledged' and (3) testimonials which eye-witnesses have provided. In total, this anthology attests to the validity of the Biefeld-Brown high voltage force effect. The book's Science Section includes a well-known "electrokinetic force" and how it works; the proposed ion mobility explanation; and how electricity and gravity may couple. The Historical Section contains seven articles about T. T. Brown, gravity research, etc. Also included are a Testimonial Section and Patent Section. - Amazon