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Pages: 176
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
Year: 2011
ISBN: 3845432918
ISBN: 978-3845432915

Superluminal Interaction as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics: A Whole New Unification of Micro And Macro Worlds (Buy Now)

Tolga Yarman
Based on the law of energy conservation, the author shows that, the steady state electronic motion around a given nucleus in a non-circular orbit, depicts a rest mass variation, though the overall relativistic energy remains constant. This is, in no way, conflicting with the usual quantum mechanical approach. Quite on the contrary it provides one with the possibility of bridging the Special Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, to finally achieve a natural symbiosis between these two disciplines, and furthermore, elucidating the ?quantum mechanical weirdness?, simply based on the mere law of relativistic energy conservation. The author developed his theory, originally, vis-?-vis gravitational bodies in motion with regards to each other; hence, it is comforting to have both the atomic scale and the celestial scale described on just the same conceptual basis. The approach leads to the de Broglie relationship, and superluminal speeds, yet excluding any exchange of energy, making the basis of quantum mechanics.