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Pages: 102
Publisher: Integrity Research Institute
Year: 1995
ISBN: 0964107007
ISBN: 978-0964107007

Electrogravitics Systems, Vol. 1: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology (Buy Now)
KeyWords: gravity

Thomas F. Valone

This book by Tom Valone, with significant input by Dr. Paul LaViolette, is just what is needed to orient oneself on the hot topic of "electrogravitics"?apparent anti-gravitational and thrusting effects stemming from electrical phenomena pioneered by T. Townsend Brown. Includes significant historical documents that bear on government and corporate involvement in this area. - Infinite Energy

Leslee Kulba, Electric Spacecraft Journal, Issue 12, 1994, p. 37
Having made a theoretical case for electrogravitics, the book also makes an historical one. Hints of electrogravitics in the history of aviation, revealed through the developments and statements made by major aircraft industries in articles from the Aviation Report in the mid-1950s, are reprinted. T.T. Brown's work is described in detail. The paper by Paul LaViolette was an intriguing speculation that the B-2 stealth bomber operates on T.T. Brown's principle of propulsion. Statements from government and ex-government workers and officials were shown to fit nicely with this possibility...This book can be appreciated by anyone who is interested in electrogravitics.

Vincent Coon, New Energy News, Vol. 2, No. 5, Sept., 1994, p. 10
In the early 1920's Dr. Paul A. Biefield, a physicist and adquaintance of Albert Einstein, working at the California Institute for Advanced Studies, discovered that a highly charged capacitor has an anomalous tendency to move in the direction of its positive pole. Biefield assigned Thomas Townsend Brown, his prodigy, to study the phenomena as a research project. That the effect is not due to ion wind is borne out in claims that the effect exists under insulating oil and high vacuum...T.T. Brown devoted considerable effort, time, and means to researching this effect. Although his work has been sensationalized, it also has attracted professional attention. "Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology" edited by physicist Thomas Valone, MA, PE, is a currect and cogent anthology of reports on the electrogravitic research of T.T. Brown.