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Pages: 218
Publisher: Oneoff Publishing.com
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780952260370

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Third edition (Buy Now)
KeyWords: dinosaur gravity, reduced gravity, expanding earth

Stephen W. Hurrell

An explanation for the gigantic scale of prehistoric life

When Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth was first published it proposed a startling idea to explain the long-standing puzzle of the dinosaurs? gigantic size. Stephen Hurrell presented scientific evidence that dinosaurs lived in a reduced gravity and this allowed them to grow to gigantic proportions. The Reduced Gravity Earth theory explains why all land-based life has shifted towards a larger scale on the ancient Earth. This includes gigantic dinosaurs, plants and insects. It is also a key piece of evidence that provides additional support for an Expanding Earth, something a few leading geologists have been suggesting for decades.

Since its initial unveiling, the Reduced Gravity Earth theory has been widely discussed and debated. Individuals from laymen to professors are now arguing that gravity was lower on the ancient Earth. You can analyse the evidence for believing the controversial Reduced Gravity Earth theory and its implications for the Expanding Earth in this third edition of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth.

Praise for previous editions of Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

?something completely different ... an original work rather than a re-presentation of existing knowledge ... well presented.?
GEOLOGY TODAY - Blackwell Science Ltd.

?Engineers (Hurrell) have shown that dinosaurs? bones could not have borne their weight ... much reduced surface gravity is essential for dinosaurs to have existed.?
Professor S. Warren Carey, University of Tasmania.

?? written in a plain straightforward style and its target is a wide public not interested in specialist treatises. Its clear and lively descriptions lead the reader straight to the core of the arguments. ? could well be the topics of joint scientific collaboration between engineers and paleontologists.?