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Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-0819468123

The Nature of Light

Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri
Al F. Kracklauer
The papers included in this volume were part of the technical conference cited on the cover and title page. Papers were selected and subject to review by the editors and conference program committee. Some conference presentations may not be available for publication. The papers published in these proceedings reflect the work and thoughts of the authors and are published herein as submitted. The publisher is not responsible for the validity of the information or for any outcomes resulting from reliance thereon.

Please use the following format to cite material from this book: Author(s), \"Title of Paper,\" in The Nature of Light: What Are Photons?, edited by Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri. AI F. Kracklauer, Katherine Creath, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 6664 (SPIE, Bellingham, WA 2007) Article CID Number.

ISSN 0277-786X