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Pages: 68+
Publisher: Sabberton Publications
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0850560152
ISBN: 978-0850560152

Aether Science Papers (Buy Now)
KeyWords: aether

Harold Aspden
Between 1980 and 1996 the author found that scientific periodicals were more willing to accept his papers for publication and took early retirement from IBM in 1983 expressly to become a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Southampton University in the author\'s hometown in England.  The 14 papers, reproduced in A4 page size from the scientific periodicals in which they were first published, constitute the main section of the book. The front section of the book is a 68 page commentary entitled \'The Creative Vacuum\'. Part II consists of fourteen papers which form the 96 page Appendix added to the text of Part I. The papers are of published record in the scientific periodicals referenced as well as in the consolidated publication Aether Science Papers, copies of which are still in print and so may be purchased from booksellers. These 14 papers are also now reproduced in these web pages.

Part I: The Creative Vacuum

Part II: Aether Science Papers

  1. \'The Theoretical Nature of the Neutron and the Deuteron,\' Hadronic Journal, 9 129-136 (1986) 1986d.pdf
  2. \'Meson Production based on Thomson Energy Correlation,\' Hadronic Journal, 9 137-140 (1986) 1986e.pdf
  3. \'An Empirical Approach to Meson Energy Correlation,\' Hadronic Journal, 9 153-157 (1986) 1986j.pdf
  4. \'The Physics of the Missing Atoms: Technetium and Promethium,\' Hadronic Journal, 10 167-172 (1987) 1987a.pdf
  5. \'Synchronous Lattice Electrodynamics as an Alternative to Time Dilation,\' Hadronic Journal, 10 185-192 (1987) 1987b.pdf
  6. \'Instantaneous Electrodynamic Potential with Retarded Energy Transfer,\' Hadronic Journal, 11 307-313 (1988) 1988a.pdf
  7. \'The Theory of the Proton Constants,\' Hadronic Journal, 11 169-176 (1988) 1988b.pdf
  8. \'Conservative Hadron Interactions Exemplified by the Creation of the Kaon,\' Hadronic Journal, 12 101-108 (1989) 1989d.pdf
  9. \'A Theory of Proton Creation,\' Physics Essays, 1 72-76 (1988) 1988c.pdf
  10. \'The Theory of the Gravitation Constant,\' Physics Essays, 2 173-179 (1989) 1989b.pdf
  11. \'A Theory of Pion Creation,\' Physics Essays, 2 360-367 (1989) 1989c.pdf
  12. \'Standing Wave Interferometry,\' Physics Essays, 3 39-45 (1990) 1990a.pdf
  13. \'The Theory of Antigravity,\' Physics Essays, 4 13-19 (1991) 1991a.pdf
  14. \'Retardation in the Coulomb Potential,\' Physics Essays, 8 19-28 (1995) 1995e.pdf