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Publisher: ?????????????????
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-7-5352-4288-4

Summary of Principles of Natural Sciences

This book summarizes the experiments of senior physicists, integrates the problems that come out from natural science principle, comprehensively analyzes the root of  electromagnetic induction refute, light velocity refute and space time refute. Generally speaking, this book negates special relativity??s proposition, argument, deduction process and its relative propositions bequeathed from its history. The above five chapters has negated the first argumentof special relativity ( that is , has negated the principl of relativity). The eighth chapter has negated the second argument of special relativity(that is, the principl of light velocity unchangeable has been negated). The six chapter has negated the proposition of special relativity(relativity??s dynamics, relativity??s kinematics, relativity??s electromagnetism, relativity??s space time view, and the constant light velocity hypothesis are all have been negated). The chapter seven has negated the mathematics tool of special relativity(Lorentz transformation has been negated). There are ten chapters in my book, the first chapter proves the universality of general Lorentz magnetic force. the second chapter proves that radio engineering is not the action of Maxwell curl equation. the third chapter negate theory system of Maxwell Curl Equation. the fourth chapter founds electric wave radiation model. the fifth chapter proves that the essence of electric wave is not energy, identical with experiment. the sixth chapter negates the proposition of special relativity. the seventh chapter negates the mathematical tool(Lorentz transformation) of special relativity. the eighth chapter proves light velocity superposition principle. the ninth chapter re-explains the physical experiments with important dissension in history(including Michelson-Morley experiment and Compton roentgen experiment). The tenth chapter discusses the correct space time view on the basis of the three great Newton??s Laws. Time is absolute and one-directional, space is absolute and isotropic, light velocity can be able superposition, General Lorentz magnetic force is reasonable, magnetic wave and electric field wave are independently radiant, Einstein??s relativity theory is absurd, and the curl theory of free space is a mistake. The conclusions have negated the relativity theory of Einstein and the curl theory of Maxwell, supported the Newton- Galileo space time view and Lorentz magnetic force, and solved the three problems of the light velocity dispute, electromagnetic induction dispute and space time dispute. Besides, Compton roentgen experiment submit to Newton??s law; Michelson-Morley experiment submit to Galilean??s principle of relativity; the radioactive field-density and the receiving signal-current-density is inverse law with distance.-square.