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Pages: 165
Publisher: Sabberton Publications
Year: 1972
ISBN: 0850560039
ISBN: 978-0850560039

Modern Aether Science (Buy Now)
KeyWords: aether

Harold Aspden
\"The old foundations of scientific thought are becoming unintelligible. Time, space, matter, material, ether, electricity, mechanism, organism, configuration, structure, pattern, function, all require reinterpretation. What is the sense of talking about a mechanical explanation when you do not know what you mean by mechanics? The paradox is now fully established that the utmost abstractions are the true weapons with which to control our thought of concrete fact.\" Alfred North Whitehead, Science and the Modern Word (1925).

Surely the weapons are not needed to control belief in what is true in Nature. Abstraction can surely have no lasting place in science. Physicists have had rather more to assimilate than has been possible and have lapsed a little into a world of abstraction. Whitehead must be wrong. The old foundations of scientific thought were intelligible to their creators. To say that they were becoming unintelligible merely implies developing weaknesses in the minds of later generations of scientists...

A mathematical analysis is provided in the author\'s book Physics Without Einstein, but this new work goes beyond the scope of that book by incorporating the results of further research and exposing some weaknesses in existing theories. A solution to the mysteries of the creation of the solar system is an important original feature presented in this work. It is anticipated that the evidence provided will convince the reader that the ever-present aether deserves his attention, but if the reader is left with doubts it is hoped that this book will stimulate him to voice them and top seek to resolve them constructively. The true form of Nature is already set. It needs imagination and analysis and a will to defend as well as criticize any theories put forward, if we are to find a way to comprehend the sub-structure of Nature. In this book the author has been ready to criticize and has offered much that can be criticized, and if the reader is left with doubts he did not have before, this book will have served him well. - From the Introduction