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Pages: 239
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House / Quest Books
Year: 1980 / 1995
ISBN: 0835602273
ISBN: 978-0835602273

Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks (Buy Now)

Stephen M. Phillips
Aka \"ESP of Quarks\".

This is a technical (physics) presentation of a possible interpretation of the esoteric work Occult Chemistry. It present a host of intriguing concepts that can be used in your own interpretation. The author also presents much material collected for his doctoral dissertation. While I recommend this book strongly I have some personal differences in interpretation. Contact me for more information :) - dickes@xnet.com

The book contains quantum dynamic equations, which require an understanding of the mathematics of the subject. It is not written in the form of a \'popularising\' book, and can be challenging for the casual reader. However as it claims to offer a view into areas of physics not yet being explored by experimentalists, it offers the intriguing possibility of showing how our understanding of atomic structure may look in 30 or 40 years. - Michael Stead, Amazon