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Pages: 236
Publisher: Sabberton Publications
Year: 1969

Physics Without Einstein (Buy Now)
KeyWords: einstein

Harold Aspden
Relativity is presently on trial.  If Einstein's theory cannot be sustained there is no recognized alternative.  This book provides not only an alternative, but a comprehensive unification of all physics.  It is based upon a straightforward confrontation with the anomalies in accepted electromagnetic theory.  These undisputed inconsistencies cannot be ignored if modern science is to progress.  What is offered here is not a new theory, but a reconciliation of existing theories.  The starting point of this work was not a lofty-minded attempt to overthrow Relativity or explain gravitation.  It was a desire to understand more about the nature of ferromagnetism.  However, what emerged provided physical concpets embracing fundamental magnetism from its atomic environment to the cosmos.  Gravitation is explained and is supported by the derivation of G in terms of the properties of the electron.  Elementary particles are explained and there is support from the exact quantitative assessment of their spin magnetic moments.  Wave mechanics are explained and there is support from the quantitative evaluation of the Fine Structure Constant.  Atomic structure is explained and is supported by quantitative analysis of nuclear binding energy.  The evaluation of the binding energy of the deuteron is particularly revealing.  It wil be shown that Einstein's theory is unnecessary. - From the Foreword