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Pages: 196
Publisher: Financial Book Partners
Year: 1994
ISBN: 0962776947
ISBN: 978-0962776946

How the Weather Really Works (FBP Copernican Series, V. 5) (Buy Now)

Peter K. Bros
When Newton was faced with explaining what made the planets orbit the sun, he couldn\'t! He therefore left it up to God to keep the planets moving. Although Newton didn\'t bother grappling with the question of what made the Earth rotate, Laplace, in trying to eliminate God as the cause of planetary orbiting, used the notion that the planets condensed out of a swirling mass of gas to explain both orbiting and rotation. Today, the conservation of motion in closed systems has been added to obscure the fact that we have no better explanation for planetary orbiting and rotation than Newton\'s God! In our ignorance of what causes the planets to orbit and rotate, we have used historical forces, forces which are not subject to direct analysis, to explain planetary movement. If historical forces are causing the Earth to rotate, then anything that would cause friction with the Earth\'s surface would cause it to slow down. Because the atmosphere hasn\'t slowed the Earth down, the argument goes, it can\'t be causing friction with the surface of the Earth. This, of course, is absurd, requiring the notion that the particles of air that make up the atmosphere were put in motion as a result of the historical swirling mass of gas! Absurdity, however, has not precluded slavishly applying the assumption of Newton\'s historic momentum to the atmosphere in current attempts to explain the weather, obscuring explanations of how the weather really works! The author, using the atom modeled in Atoms, Stars and Minds: Synthesizing an Elementary Particle That Comprehends Itself explains how the winds originate from the movement of air masses between the equator and the poles, and shows how heat is transferred by the interaction of oxygen and hydrogen atoms in the air masses as they move the atoms through the environment to produce the weather.

Empirical science can\'t explain why the wind blows! The reason that empirical science is ignorant of this aspect of the weather, as well as the nature of clouds, the myth of evaporation and the movement of heat in the atmosphere is because Newtonianism prohibits reality from intruding into weather models which, while becoming more computerized and more complex, can\'t explain the simplest thing about the weather, why clouds move faster in the direction of the Earth\'s rotation the further north or south they move from the equator, in short, what causes the jet stream. Newton and his heirs claim, as a result of pure ignorance, that the Earth\'s rotation results from historical forces, that it gained its momentum from the mythical swirling mass of gas out of which our solar system was supposed to have condensed, the swirling mass of gas being substituted in the less religious late 18th century for Newton\'s God coming back periodically to give the planets a boost. If the planet\'s rotation is the result of historical forces, then if its surface were allowed to interact with the atmosphere, the atmosphere would produce a drag on the rotation that would long ago have slowed the Earth down to a standstill as far as motion around its axis is concerned. This conclusion is dictated by the fact that empirical science, unable to deal with the hidden forces that cause the motion around us, simply ignores those forces, eliminating them as properties of matter or historical events like the big bang or the swirling mass of gas. If the atmosphere cannot be interacting with the surface of the Earth to produce a drag on the Earth\'s rotation, then the Earth, by the same hogwash cannot effect the motion of the atmosphere when in fact, with the Earth spinning at 25,000 miles per hour at its equator, the friction of the planet with the atmosphere causes the atmosphere to speed up to that same speed. When the atmosphere is pushed up, not by evaporation, but by the sunlight breaking down the molecules of water into its constituent hydrogen and oxygen atoms, those atoms, lighter, are forced north and south by heavier air moving down from the poles, air that has been forced back down into the lower regions where the warmth of the Earth recombines the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, producing the weather we experience. But, with respect to the atmosphere that is moving north, while the further north the air moves, the slower the surface of the Earth is moving, until at the poles it is not moving at all, but just traveling in a circle, the ice crystals of hydrogen and oxygen continue to move at 25,000 miles per hour until they are forced down into the lower regions, at which point, they are forced to slow down. Meanwhile, the air returning from the poles, having slowed down, is now being speeded up by its contact with the ever increasing speed of the Earth towards the equator, producing the interactions of weather and the wind at the lower regions. Empirical science knows nothing about the nature of reality because it ignores the current force that causes the motions that define our existence, and when it ignores current forces, it creates fictions which don\'t explain reality. Once we realize that the Newtonianistas are fabricators of the first order, that the surface of the Earth does interact with the atmosphere, the nature of weather becomes crystal clear and we can see How the Weather Really Works!