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Pages: 334
Publisher: Financial Book Partners
Year: 1992
ISBN: 0962776912
ISBN: 978-0962776915

Atoms, Stars and Minds: Synthesizing an Elementary Particle That Comprehends Itself (FBP Copernican Series, V. 3) (Buy Now)

Peter K. Bros
Atoms, Stars and Minds is the linchpin of the Copernican Series. Instead of mindlessly creating elementary particles to explain diverse phenomena, the electron for electricity, the photon for light, the graviton for gravity, ending up in a science based on mindless naming, it looks at reality and asks, what would be the properties of a single elementary particle that could then be used to explain everything that we see? Looking at reality for the properties of that particle, we find that there are only two things that are real in the universe. The first is that things are solid and therefore are held together by something. The second thing is that solid things come apart during combustion, emitting an electromagnetic emission field that travels at the speed of light. Thus, creating an elementary particle with the two properties that reflect these two facts, that the particles have an affinity to come together into solid matter, and once they come together, have a stored energy that makes them want to come apart at the speed of light, produces two properties, affinity propensity and at rest motion, the notion that the elementary particle is at rest when it is moving at the speed of light, two opposing properties in a single particle which can then be used to explain the physical reality that we comprehend. The single particle with its two properties is then used to construct an atom that works and can be used to explain the existence of matter, the periodic table, combustion, the formation of matter into galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets and moons and the cause of the motion of the galaxies and the matter that makes up the solar system, the motion of the planets in their orbits around the sun, the moons around the planets, and most important, their rotation on their axes. Noting that creating an elementary particle with two properties that explain physical reality, however, is not a sufficient check on the accuracy of the particle, Atom, Stars and Minds demands that a particle that explains reality also explain how we, the comprehenders of that reality, can actually comprehend it, how the mind can know that it is a part of the reality that it occupies.Atoms, Stars and Minds throws out the physics and astronomy books that reflect the mindless laws of centuries past created by men who knew nothing of reality and accomplishes precisely what it claims, it synthesizes an elementary particle that comprehends itself.