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Pages: 168
Publisher: Lulu Enterprises
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-0557655526

Scientific Homeopathy (Buy Now)

Rati Ram Sharma
This book, as an update on the author?s 1984-book Molecular Homoeopathy (COSMO, New Delhi), presents scientific theories, supported at crucial stages by actual observations to elucidate the homoeopathic principles and phenomena and goes beyond Homoeopathy to address the larger concerns of Science and human health. Views on Homoeopathy?s scientificity & efficacy and national policies to allow or ban its practice are often made by those who know very little about it. Homoeopathy has been disregarded as ?unscientific placebo therapy? and banned in some countries partly because of the equivocal conclusions of the Double Blind Drug Trials (DBDT) of homoeomedicines since an allopathic medicine has to satisfy the DBDTs before its release for public prescription. The DBDTs and their statistical meta-analyses are now herein shown as irrelevant and inapplicable to Homoeopathy. However, efficacy of homoeomedicines is convincingly established with placebo-controlled drug trials in rats & mice and cures of firmly diagnosed cases which for Modern Scientific Medicine are a) incurable/fatal, b) difficult-to-cure even with long medication, c) require surgery, d) viral. Most of the continuing confusion is largely due to conceptual inadequacy of the contemporary sciences themselves to grasp, characterize and explain the homoeopathic phenomena. This book removes the inadequacy to make the sciences richer with new & bold concepts and new scientific theories of disease, diagnosis & cure to improve upon the World Health Organization?s definition & scope of achievable health. Book proposes three new sciences of Xenobiology, Inductive Chemistry & Inductoxenopathy to elucidate the science of Homoeopathy. The perennial mystery of homoeopathic ?micro dose? is resolved without violating the Avogadro?s law and the Law of Mass Action by the newly discovered induction of chemical specificity of the solute drug molecule into those of the diluent medium (lactose, water, alcohol) via resonant promotion of the lone pair electrons of oxygen atom of the OH groups in the diluent molecules. It turns the diluent medium as the therapeutic agent, with plenty of diluent molecules turned medicinally active during potentization processes of forceful trituration in solid lactose then impacted succussion in water and alcohol. New physical bases of chemical specificity and recognition of molecules emerge. Since the physiological planes and modes of their action differ the medicines of Homoeopathy & Allopathy can be given together inter-currently along with Yoga to constitute the new therapeutics Navayurveda with advantage to the patient. Cheap yet most effective National Health Care based on Navayurveda can ensure better public health and reduced needs for organ transplants and bypass surgeries. Health care policy & law makers, scientists and adherents of Scientific Medicine, like this author, will have to experience the therapeutic advantage of Homoeopathy over Allopathy to take a U-turn in its support. This book will help Homoeopathy to get scientific recognition and State Patronage globally with no country banning its practice. It will interest the teachers and students of diploma & degree courses in Homoeopathy.