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Pages: 114
Publisher: VDM Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & Co, Kg
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-3639249859

The Ether and Universe: The Ether is the Basis for Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields and Gravitation (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Ether, Electric and Magnetic Fields, Gravitation, Particles, Space, Time, Universe

Felix F. Gorbatsevich
Analyzing the shear wave propagation in solid bodies and propagation peculiarities of electromagnetic waves in a matter it was found that these processes are very similar (see book: Feliks Gorbatsevich. Acoustopolariscopy of minerals and rocks. VDM Verlag, 2009, is being distributed through Amazon.com). The mathematical description and practical observations of the following phenomena are also similar for the two types of waves - electromagnetic and shear acoustic waves in anisotropic heterogeneous media:
  • A birefringence phenomenon for electromagnetic and a similar phenomenon for shear waves;
  • Pleochroism phenomena for electromagnetic and linear acoustic anisotropic absorption for shear waves;
  • Optic activity (electromagnetic waves) and rotating polarization vector in some media (shear waves);
  • An increase of an ellipticity degree of polarized (electromagnetic and shear acoustic) waves during their propagation in a randomly-heterogeneous medium.
The formulas describing the reflection and transmission of light and a shear acoustical wave incident on a flat surface, that divides two media, are very similar. Thus, during the propagation of electromagnetic and elastic shear waves many similar and close phenomena, indicating the existence of the common basement in the structure of a solid body and ether are observed.

It is supposed that the electromagnetic and gravitational influence of one physical body on the other is realized by means of the ethereal medium. Assumption of the postulates of both special theory of relativity and general theory of relativity has not allowed getting a non-contradictory physical model of the universe. The following idea of the universe is proposed. Space embraces everything. It is non-deformable, three-dimensional, Euclidean. The visible space is filled by with ethereal medium. The physical model of the ethereal medium consists of two equal, but opposite in sign, types of particles. The particles are strongly attracted together forming a homogeneous space. A magnetic field is the consequence of torsion; shear deformations of the ethereal medium. The ethereal medium has a certain electromagnetic density and elasticity. Physical bodies (elementary particles, gases, liquids, solid bodies, plasma et al.) take place in the space and ethereal medium. Dynamical processes in the ethereal medium and movements of physical bodies may be fixed in time. Time is local, irreversible, one-dimensional, unilateral, - from the past to the future.