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Ultralogics and More

Robert A. Herrmann
The research presented in this book may be the most significant scientific work of my entire professional career. It was in Oct. 1978 when the concepts were first discovered that have produced the significant mathematical structure developed within the pages of this book. It began with the idea that it might be possible to model mathematically the concept known as subliminal perception and other similar notions that do not lend themselves to numerical modeling. The G-model, the D-world model, the GGU-model and the MA-model are four of the mathematical models obtained by application of these mathematical results. Information relative to these models can be found throughout these web pages. After many, many years of refinement, the methods that appear are, I believe, the simplest possible and are based upon a few human linguistic experiences that are practiced trillions of time a day within our earthly environment. The mathematical structure and processes were purposely chosen to be the simplest and least controversial. Indeed, to individuals who do research within nonstandard analysis these mathematical methods would be considered as very elementary in character. However, the intuitive interpretation and application of these methods my be difficult to grasp without considerable effort and reflection. As far as can be determined, there are no logical nor conceptual errors within this book. Typographical errors will not alter any specific result.