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Universities Asleep at the Switch

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick
  1. How wrong are these universities?
  2. Trading Ampere\'s Laws for all our present science laws
  3. Isn\'t this an expanding universe?
  4. Surroundings
  5. Surroundings and Binding Energy
  6. Vector and Scalar Quantities
  7. In the formula E=mc2, what does c2 imply?
  8. Motion
  9. Our concept of Motion
  10. Mach\'s Principle versus an Expanding Universe
  11. Using the right rules and the right reference frame
  12. The picture you should look at
  13. Gravity, Inertial Mass and Hurricanes
  14. Generators, Motors and Transformers
  15. Energy & Mass
  16. A Steady-State Universe
  17. Angle of lock on
  18. Light and Planck\'s Constant
  19. Einstein\'s gravity wave prediction & more
  20. The Big Bang & more
  21. The very end