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Pages: 240
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2002
ISBN: 1402005180
ISBN: 978-1402005183

The Enigmatic Photon - Volume 3: Theory and Practice of the B(3) Field (Buy Now)

Myron W. Evans
Jean Pierre Vigier
Sisir Roy
Stanley Jeffers
Volume 3 of The Enigmatic Photon develops the theory and practical applications of the B(3) field. The opening chapters are based on the Dirac equation of a single fermion in a circularly-polarized electromagnetic field, an equation which defines the way in which B(3) interacts with matter. These chapters predict the theoretical possibility of nuclear magnetic resonance at infrared and visible frequencies. The third chapter considers the optical Aharonov--Bohm effect due to B(3), and suggests a mechanism for action at a distance in electrodynamics. Subsequent chapters discuss the radiation theory of B(3) and relate it to the theory of fine photon mass. The final two chapters treat the theory of B(3) in cosmology and summarize future experimental developments. This book is a sequel to Volume 1, The Field B(3), which presents the first systematic description of the fundamental magnetizing field of electromagnetic radiation and Volume 2, Non-Abelian Electrodynamics, which deals with the development of the theory of the Evans--Vigier field B(3). Audience: This book will be useful to researchers whose work involves nuclear magnetic resonance.