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Pages: 280
Publisher: University Press of America
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0761809589
ISBN: 978-0761809586

William Harvey and the Use of Purpose in the Scientific Revolution (Buy Now)
  • Professor of History, Chemical Engineer
    (Scientific Revolutions, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Thermodynamics)

    Tom McMullen received a Chemical Engineering degree from Washington State University, so has a special interest in thermodynamics.


    • \"A New Framework for Scientific Discoveries, Change, and Advancement,\" Georgia Journal of Science, V55, pp. 161-173 (1998).
    • \"The Trustworthiness of Reason: Descartes, Harvey, and the Heart - A Case Study on the Need for Caution,\" Georgia Journal of Science, V56, pp. 255-62 (1998).