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Pages: 10
Publisher: Phi Philosophical Enterprises
Year: 1981
ISBN: 0950379034
ISBN: 978-0950379036

Relativising Relativity (Buy Now)

Vivian Pope

This booklet presents a unique derivation and interpretation of the famous gamma factor of Einsteinian time dilation and length contraction without the need for assumptions regarding light propagation "in vacuo".  Arguing from the interaction theses of Berkeley, Mach, and Poincare, Vivian Pope reaches his conclusions from two premises:

  1. "...objects and events are distributed in relation to one another in the reference field of... specific observer[s]..."
  2. "...objective or public space... is the logical and mathematical co-ordination of... private spaces, or perspectives..."

From these is developed a relativity principle fundamentally different from Einstein's and based upon the interactions between matter and matter, not matter and space.  With a new understanding of space itself, the mathematical relationship expressing "time dilation" becomes a matter of Pythagorean geometry in conventional, linear time.  As a side benefit, Pope also interprets "quantum indeterminacy" as a consequence of the "indeterminacy" of space itself.