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Pages: 288
Publisher: Harvard University Press / Dover
Year: 1957/1962/1998
ISBN: 048640689X
ISBN: 978-0486406893
ISBN: 0674157508
ISBN: 978-0674157507

Concepts of Force: A Study in the Foundations of Dynamics (Buy Now)

Max Jammer
Both historical treatment and critical analysis, this work by a noted physicist takes a fascinating look at a fundamental of physics, tracing its development from ancient to modern times. Kepler?s initiation of scientific conceptualization, Newton?s definition, post-Newtonian reinterpretation?contrasting concepts of Leibniz, Boscovich, Kant with those of Mach, Kirchhoff, Hertz. In-depth analysis of contemporary trend toward eliminating force from conceptual scheme of physics. \"An excellent presentation\"?Science. 1962 ed.