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Pages: 173
Publisher: Pyramid Publishers / DeVorss & Co,
Year: 1971/1973
ISBN: 0875162096
ISBN: 978-0875162096
ISBN: 0875162096
SBN: 978-0875162096

Pyramid Power (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Pyramid, Shape

Patrick Flanagan
Pat Flanagan has been researching Bio-Energy phenomen since he was in his early teens. A prolific Scientist-Inventor, he has worked on such far-reaching projects as man-to-computer and man-to-dolphin communication. One of his latest devices is a Laser Microphone, Doctor Flanagan has successfully isolated the factors behind pyramid phenomena, and has formulated a new nuclear theory destined to have far-reaching effects on our concept of the universe and its relatonship to man. - from book\'s notes inside cover