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Pages: 370
Publisher: Crystal Hill Farm / San Graal School
Year: 1992/1994
ISBN: 1131432533
ISBN: 978-1131432533

Alphabet of the Heart: Sacred Geometry, The Genesis in Principle of Language and Feeling (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Sacred Geometry

Dan Winter
An anthology from Crystall Hill Farm, Daniel Winter and Friends. Original prints of Alphabets pure geometric origin, images of letter sounds in frequency analysis, pictorial history of the heart spectra research, flowform pictures, grids, grails, merkabbah. The pictorial article: Braiding DNA / Is Emotion the Weaver? Measured effects of the heart\'s EKG going into emotional coherence upon the magnetic field of a tree 200 feet away, Cathedral as Body: Gateway to Earth\'s Grid Memory Structure, The Shape of the pressure Wave you make when you Hug Someone You Love. 50+ articles on Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion, lavishly computer illustrated, color plates, bibliographics.