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Pages: 50
Publisher: Vantage Press
Year: 1998
ISBN: 0533125790
ISBN: 978-0533125791

A Time for Renaissance in Particle Physics (Buy Now)

John Frank Johnson

A Time for Renaissance in Particle Physics summarises his results and describes his experience in interacting with the physics community. The intended audience is the general public. The author is convinced that he can build a particle theory strictly with 19th-century physics (Newton's laws, Maxwell's equations, and thermodynamics). Einsteinian relativity is considered an aberration (p. 5): "They [the physicists] mistakenly believe the Lorentz Transformation, which is based on a false assumption and is patently false." In the author's theory, accelerated charged particles do not radiate, and all of matter is built through combination of only two fundamental particles, the positron and the electron.