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Pages: 2375
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Year: 1994/2001

Advances in Chemical Physics, Modern Nonlinear Optics (3 Book Set, Volume 119) (Buy Now)

Myron W. Evans
Modern Nonlinear Optics serves as an updated, second edition of volume 85 of the series Advances in Chemical Physics. Utilizing the research of world-renowned experts, Modern Nonlinear Optics presents a dialogue between two prevailing schools of thought: one concerned with quantum optics and Abelian electrodynamics, the other with the emerging subject of non-Abelian electrodynamics and unified field theory. The prevailing paradigm?the Maxwell Heaviside theory?is developed in fields such as quantum optics, antenna theory, and holography, but it is also challenged using general relativity, O(3) electrodynamics, superluminal effects, and several other theories. This wide spectrum of opinion is presented so that a consensus can emerge. In addition, Modern Nonlinear Optics surveys developments over the last ten years, including advances in light squeezing, single photon optics, phase conjunction optics, and laser technology. It reviews thousands of papers emerging from both schools of thought and provides the most up-to-date and complete coverage available.

From the Publisher
International contributors present a comprehensive cross section of the state of the art as it stands today. These volumes feature review articles by the Poznan School and associated laboratories, as well as a selection of reviews contributed from many of the leading laboratories around the world in the various fields of nonlinear optics. Contains a wealth of illustrations.