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Pages: 560
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 1983/1986/1993/2002
ISBN: 0521793769
ISBN: 978-0521793766
ISBN: 0521412501
ISBN: 978-0521412506
SBN: 052142352X

An Introduction to Cosmology (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Cosmology

Jayant Vishnu Narlikar

\"This valuable graduate-student text is comprehensible and has many problems for students to solve.\" Sky and Telescope

\'... the quality of the text is at the high level the author\'s reputation would suggest ??\'. Astronomy & Geophysics

\'... a really excellent set of lecture notes which add up to a very accessible text on what is often misrepresented as an extremely esoteric subject ... due to its clarity, straight-forward style, and scope, this book has long been a favourite of students.\' Dominic Clancy, The Observatory

\'The student can gain some early practice by looking at the examples presented here. They will also obtain a rigorous overview of the present observational data that will need to be incorporated into any model that wishes to displace present big bang cosmology.\' Contemporary Physics