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Pages: 302
Publisher: Bantam Books
Year: 1984
ISBN: 0553341030
ISBN: 978-0553342536

In Search of Schr?dinger's Cat: Quantum Physics and Reality (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Schr?dinger's Cat, Quantum Physics

John Gribbin
Part history book and part remedial physics text for those who lost interest when the equations started getting unintuitive, In Search of Schr?dinger\'s Cat explains quantum physics in a way that\'s not only clear, but also enjoyable.

Gribbin opens with the subjects that most physics professors have just started to examine at the end of the semester: The mysterious character of light, the valence concept in Nils Bohr\'s atomic model, radioactive decay, and the physics of life-defining DNA all get clear, comprehensive, and witty coverage. This book reveals the beauty and mystery that underlies everything in the universe.

Does this book claim to explain quantum physics without math? No. Math is too central to physics to be bypassed. But if you can do basic algebra, you can understand the equations in In Search of Schr?dinger\'s Cat. Gribbin is the physics teacher everyone should have in high school or college: kind without being a pushover, knowledgeable without being condescending, and clearly expressive without being boring. Gribbin\'s book belongs on the shelf of every pre-calculus student. It also deserves a place in the library of everyone who was scared away from advanced physics prematurely.