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Pages: 85
Publisher: Vertner Vergon
Year: 2001

A Diagnosis of Special Relativity (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Special Relativity

Vertner Vergon
A diagnosis is an analytical procedure in which the patient is closely examined to learn what ails him ? and what cures are needed. In reading these papers, the reader comes to understand the theory much better than in reading the books which merely explain the theory. The authors of these books repeat the errors and common misinterpretations that have created the theory\'s mystique for the last century.

This Omnibus clarifies and corrects the theory in such a way that the reader comes to a superior understanding of it. The beauty of it is that one does not have to be a mathematical wizard to follow the process. The math is not only simple but each equation is explained in detail. The illustrations help a great deal also. On the whole, the Omnibus is a fascinating learning experience in which one is brought to the forefront of the discipline.