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On the Current Situation Concerning the Black Hole Problem

Dmitri Rabounski
Year: 2008
This paper reviews a new solution which concerns the black hole problem. The new solution, by S. J. Crothers, doesn?t eliminate the line-element of the classical ?black hole solution? produced by the founders of the problem, but represents the gravitational collapse condition in terms of physical observable quantities accessible to a real observer whose location is in the real Schwazschild space itself, not with the quantities in an abstract flat space tangential to it at the point of observation (as it was in the classical solution). Besides, Schwarzschild space is only a very particular case of Einstein spaces of type I. There are minor studies on the physical conditions of gravitational collapse in other spaces of type I, and nothing on Einstein spaces of type II and type III (of which there are hundreds). Einstein spaces (empty spaces, without distributed matter, wherein Ricci?s tensor is proportional to the fundamental metric tensor), are spaces filled by an electromagnetic field, dust, or other substances, of which there are many. As a result, studies on the physical conditions of gravitational collapse are only in their infancy.