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The Dilemma of Radiant Momentum ? a Poynting Paradox and its Resolution

Stewart Ian Wells
Year: 2007
An examination of the classical Maxwellian model for electromagnetic wave propagation leads to discovery of a serious deficiency of mechanism for momentum transmission, as well as for assessment of energy delivery to a moving body from the Poynting theorem. The dilemma can neither be resolved through a classical ballistic theory, nor through special relativity theory. A paradox involving the Poynting vector is resolved through the hypothesis of a longitudinal ether compression wave, co-propagated with the transverse electromagnetic field wave. In this model, energy carried by the wave in accordance with the Poynting vector is equally apportioned between transverse static field energy and longitudinal compression kinetic energy. Kinetic and internal energy delivered to a material body are respectively apportioned according to its reflectivity and state of motion.