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The Revised Fourth and New Fifth Laws of Planetary Motion

Alexander A. Scarborough
Year: 2007
Discussions at the 2006 NPA meeting resulted in a later revision of the Fourth Law of Planetary Motion that governed the dynamic origin of geometrically-spaced orbital positions of the original ten planets of our solar system. Whether or not the Fourth Law applies in certain principles to other solar systems remains a question for the future. Dr. Robert Heaston and I worked together in restating the Law to bring it in line with the style used by Kepler in the First Three Laws. The new Fifth Law ? originally included as a part of the Fourth Law ? is now a separate entity that continues governing the ongoing gradual changes in orbital positions since the dynamic origin of our solar system some five billion years ago. Principles of the new Fifth Law may apply universally to all solar systems. Simplified geometric diagrams are utilized in the explanations. The Five Laws (FL) offer the capability of deciphering the full history of our solar system.