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On a Minimum Contradictions Ether - Everything

Athanassios A. Nassikas
Year: 2007
Many articles have been written on this subject. The earlier articles had as target the unification of the GRT with the QM on the basis of the unification of the physical meaning deriving either from the GRT or the QM. On this basis, it has been shown that the governor equation is Schr?dinger's relativistic equation, which describes a stochastic space-time regarded as matter itself. The gravitational field coexists with the electromagnetic one the two of them being interconnected. According to this, space-time operators and geometry have been defined. A wide range of phenomena have been explained, the gravitation included, while new phenomena as the ones related to the interaction of the gravitational with the electromagnetic field have been interpreted and technologically approached. In the later papers an effort was made so that the physics proposed to be derived on the basis of mental principles and more specifically from the claim for minimum contradictions lying on the fact that the basic communication system is contradictory. This can be proved through a theorem that is the core where the whole work is based on. Thus, the physics derived has the minimum possible contradictions or equivalently the minimum possibly arbitrariness. Note that all principles of the until-now dominant physics, even though they condense the experience that has been revealed, are arbitrary. However, it has not been proved that the theory proposed is the most accurate. On this basis, the equations of minimum contradictions everything have been stated. The consequences of the later papers are the same with the ones of the earlier papers. There is an ongoing effort for these papers to be written as a unified whole so that any gaps are avoided. According to this point of view, Ether ?Everything is the substance within which things exist and from which things are made. The objective of this paper is to present an extended summary of this work regarded as a whole.